Friday, November 9, 2012

A Tactical Error, A Fine Result

Leaving the Sun to Enjoy the Day?
There is still good weather to be had this time of year in Calabria. Last weekend we decided to enjoy it and explore a new area. We headed for Lago Sirino on the recommendation of friends. We envisioned lunch at the lake, you know the drill. Doug realized early on that we may have made a tactical error for achieving the goal of enjoying our sunny weather. Clouds dead ahead. Check out the captions on the following photos to see how it turned out. 

Speaking of turning out, Election 2012 was of great interest here in Italy. Calabria is a conservative area, but Obama was their guy---and they assumed he was our guy--which he is--he's our Pres. We wish him and US the very best in the next round of "fun" ahead.

The town of Rivello basking in the sun enticed us on a side trip
Because we live in a hilltown, we laughed at these daunting steps. In fact, they were child's play for our seasoned calves. The treads were an even six inches or so, not from 6 inches to a foot and a half like ours.

In general, Rivello was small and quiet like our town, but I did talk to many inhabitants who seemed to speak Italian easily. We also met some Italian tourists once we finished the climb to the Piazza.
An interesting restored public courtyard. Liked the paving stones. Found the fossil of a fern--(see below)

Rivello's Piazza
The view from the Rivello Piazza with Lauria in distance
Lake Sirino
When we finally made it to Lake Sirino, it was cold and blowing, the restaurant was open but not serving yet, they didn't offer to seat us the way most places do when you are early, so we took the hint and decided to eat near Lauria at one of our favorite restaurants in Pecorone. The friendly proprietor made us feel good about our choice and our day. It was a good day of speaking Italian to new people, seeing new sights, and having a satisfying Italian meal. What more to ask of a day?

We turned back towards the glow in the western sky...


  1. I'm glad it turned out well for you :)

  2. Thanks, Sue,
    It's really nice to hear from you. While stats are showing a good audience, we thrive on comments and they've gone down lately. I miss our regulars...



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