Monday, November 19, 2012

Seasonal Comparisons

Almost three years of the four stagione (seasons) have passed by since we moved to Italy. We have data for two years now. A “weather year” or “water year” is what scientists and farmers use, and it refers to October 1 to September 31 of each year. Thus, our data covers this past year (2011-12) and a comparison with year 2010-11. Comparisons of data are fun, but we thought we'd also compare lives here as the seasons pass with our life as it was in Oregon. 
But first, the data--
Generally, this year was warmer and dryer. Guido thought it hot and humid all summer and that the heat lasted too long.  Di, of course,  likes it hot although some days got to her too--global warming yahoo!  
This fall has been pleasant, but the data shows the two fall seasons were nearly equal. Just a little more rain last October. The storms of 2012 were wilder, including a storm on 4 April with wind gusts here to 75mph/121kph. The beauty of our area is one day it can rain and the next day, people are sunning on the beach, like Tuesday when we took Vince for a walk there.

Santa Domenica Talao, Italy 2010/11

Santa Domenica Talao, Italy 2011/12

Maupin, Oregon
of  Remembrance

Winter Temps

Dec  Ave Low:   7C/44.5F
Dec Ave Low:   9C/48F
Much colder
       Ave High: 15C/59F
          Lowest: -2C/28F
      Ave High: 16C/60F
         Lowest:  4C/39F
Could get to -15 F

Jan  Ave Low:    8C/46F

Jan Ave Low:   5C/41F
Much more snow - up to a meter on the ground
       Ave High: 17C/62F
          Lowest:  4C/39F

Feb  Ave Low:7C/44.5F
       Ave High:15C/59F
         Lowest: 1C/34F
      Ave High: 15C/59F
         Lowest:  0C/32F

Feb Ave Low:   4C/39F
      Ave High: 12C/53.5F
         Lowest: -1C/30F
And we had a 1/4 mile driveway to keep clear!


Usually about 12 inches
 Nov wettest 
 October wettest

Summer Temps

 July Ave High: 28C/82F
 July  Ave High: 29C/84F 
Could get up to 38C/100F

         Highest: 34C/93F
           Highest: 36C/97F
But with cool nights
and low humidity
 Aug Ave High: 28C/82F
 Aug  Ave High: 31C/88F
but many more
          Highest: 31C/88F
          Highest: 38C/100F

Days of Sunshine

264.5 days total
295 days total
No contest

Much less sun in winter

Most Gloomy Month

January-only 13.5 
sunny days
April-only 17.5
sunny days
Nov Dec Jan

How does our life in l'estate compare with our life in Oregon? We spend much more time in our swimwear and Di's swimwear has gotten more European (i.e. 2 piece). Parties and get-togethers are much more frequent--partly because of the time freed up by retirement and partly because for lots of our friends, it's a way of life in the summer. We are still working on staying up late as it's just not in our genes. Our Italian really is getting better so we are able to contemplate socializing without sign language. Don't miss anything about Oregon summers except friends we left behind... 
Who wouldn't miss people willing to pose looking like this?
This was taken in our front yard at Rainshadow
We have a friend who loves to have barbecues at his villa
I love his grilled peppers
We loved fall in Oregon and l'autunno in Italy is very similar. Clear air, beautiful foliage colors in the mountains plus fewer tourists make it great time for traveling around. I miss Thankgiving at our friend's house. It was magical. You can see below that I wanted to create some of that romance at our Italian Thanksgiving in 2010..but unlike Merrianne, we didn't think we could manage it every year.

Did we ever light the candles? I don't remember now
I'm gonna say right now that I miss cross-country skiing right out our "back door". We can do it here, but haven't gotten organized yet. It may be a great goal for this winter--the skis look lonely in the basement. Our winters in Italy are very different. They are more mild and we go to the sea, not the mountains. We meet people at our favorite bar and spend time on household things we don't have time for during traveling and socializing season. Besides skiing, this year we plan to get our community involvement plan organized.


This little skiff of snow made for an unusual Calabrian Christmas

Along with fall, la primavera is similar to our Oregon spring. Our life is a bit different--we still seek to hike in the mountains, but we aren't trying to get an acre of vegetables going and otherwise working our butts off outdoors, so we tend to try to stay outside. We get the same effect without the dirt and fatigue. We also start to sit in the sun much earlier. The terrace is great in the early spring, every morning feels fresh, the way spring is supposed to be.

Monte Caccia on the most perfect of days--Vincie's last big hike
The Columbia River Highway in the Beautiful Columbia River Gorge


  1. Wow, great pictures! Just wow.
    And what a nice idea to compare the seasons! I really like it! :-D
    For me, the one, who just starts her worklife, it's very interesting to read how much your life changed with the move plus retirement. :-)

  2. What a nice comparison, loved the photos, although I did skip the weather stuff :)

  3. Michelle and Sue,
    You guys are too sweet. Sue, it's OK, I have a hard time concentrating on stark numbers myself!



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