Tuesday, November 27, 2012


This is my favorite picture of Vincie and me in Italy at the beach at Praia a Mare. We had many to choose from, but this one was taken on the day we experienced our first dose of Italian bureaucracy and Vince experienced his first taste of retrieving sticks out of surf. It soon became a regular romp for him and us--here he is with a stick in Scalea:

This is not a "happy" post. Tears will come. Mine and Guido's anyway. This is also not an entirely sad post. Vincie had a very very long (17 years-119 dog years) very very happy life and he gave us many more laughs than troubles. He was almost never sick albeit a bit accident prone when a pup. He got his jaw kicked by an awful horse and nearly lost some vital parts jumping a fence--but survived to live a life other dogs can only dream about. He died last night while on a walk with his "Dad". His great old heart finally gave out.

Vincie's last photo on his last day on this Earth
He truly loved sitting in all of his cars and trucks
Guido's list of highlights of Vince's life in Italy (He did all of this while a centenarian in dog years):

  • Flew 7,000 miles and across the Atlantic,
  • Stayed in many 4-star hotels from Liguria to Sicily,
  • Tinkled on 800 year old streets,
  • Swam in the Tyrrhenian Sea, and
  • Ran free in the Parco Nazionale del Pollino

When he struck his cross-legged pose, the cameras always came out--Sooo cute!

Vince had already lived a full life before coming to Italy. He spent many hours romping free through the National Forests of Oregon and many other places.
He spent most of his life outdoors on the farm and in the woods but always spent nights inside cozy and warm with his family. He really didn't have very many faults. He was polite and quiet and never barked (except when he treed a porcupine or some other "invader"). He did have the unfortunate habit of never learning when it came to skunks but then nobody's perfect...

Vince also had his responsible side. 
His cats loved him and he put up with them for us.

Vincie looked like our beavers when swimming in the farm ponds

Goodbye to our dear and loving friend.


  1. Hi Doug & Di

    So sorry to hear about the loss of your lovely Vince. At this sad time please be comforted in the fact that you must have given him everything that a dog needs for him to live to such a wonderfully long life.

    Best wishes

    John & Toni

  2. John and Toni,

    Thanks so much for your kind comment. It helps us get through this day.

  3. I am in tears. What a sweet companion - I am so glad I got to meet him.

    Your many memories will keep him near you for years to come.

    Love to you both. RIP sweet Vince.

  4. It's so hard to lose a pet. I'm very sorry for your loss.
    But he had a great life! Everything a dog could wish for.

  5. Thank you, Michelle,

    He did have a great life and left us with happy memories.

  6. Everytime I have read your post, I hoped to see a picture of Vince. I just had such affevtion for him!!
    What a life he had..I was soo proud of him for making the long journey over. Enjoying so much of Italy with you..He was just sooo precious.
    I have 2 black labs. I hope that you will be ok.
    Thank You for your blog.

  7. Thank you Teresa,
    Your doggies are lucky to have an appreciative "mom".

  8. I am so sorry for your lose.

    What a lovely post in rememberance of him.

  9. Thank you, Sue,
    It means a lot to us when people take the time to comment and yours is very sweet.

  10. So sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved Vincie. Your post is a great tribute to a true friend and family member. My eyes are starting to tear up, so please accept my condolences for now.

  11. Gil!
    It's good to hear from you! I just had some new tears myself today, but we're getting better at it each day. Memories getting more sweet than sad.

  12. Just read about Vince,reading your tribute made me smile, he had the best parents ever, and lived a wonderful life. Know he's in doggie heaven chasing sticks, thank you for posting about him, he was after all a large part of your story! Merry Christmas,

  13. Thanks so much Kathy
    And tanti auguri per Natale!

  14. I was looking for your latest post on Salerno and only just came across this one. So sorry for your loss, we hadn't realised 8-((
    He was such a great dog and such a happy chap - much due to you treating him so well.
    Such a long and happy life that will have given you so many happy memories.
    All our love, Lesley & Brian.

  15. Thanks, Lesley and Brian...he was indeed a happy chap.



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