Sunday, January 13, 2013

Permesso Time-A Lieta Fine?

There is no reason for this picture other than avoiding putting our mug shots up front.
I take this route on my daily walk--how's that?
A Lieta Fine means "happy ending" in Italian. We learned this in Italian class reading a little story about twelve year old boys playing hooky from school and taking a trip on the train to Rome. It was a happy ending because nothing bad happened except getting in trouble with their parents. I felt good about learning this phrase--unaccountably mostly--but I do realize lately that learning turns of phrase in Italian is very important if you don't want to sound like a bumbling foreigner forever. I wish we knew more of them for our trip to Cosenza this year--yes it's Permesso di Soggiorno season and we have set ourselves up for a painful one this time. By the way, find all the turns of phrase in this paragraph--hint: there are 5 (including "turns of phrase").

The good news is that our pictures are ready. We felt guilty about our eight year old passport pictures that we took ourselves in the guest bedroom at Rainshadow Farm so we took new ones in our guest bedroom here. I then spent a whole day getting them printed with the right specifications and dimensions for Italian bureacracy and American passport bureaucracy. America likes shoulders, Italy likes heads--we may have to take Doug's picture over for his passport as we zoomed in too much to retrieve his's all done for Italy except the scissors part. To my surprise, nobody likes smiles, but that's just too bad. 

Speaking of bad, the following sums up the bad Permesso news so far this year. Those of you who read this to prepare to move to Italy should check out this link to older posts where we list more helpful information. 

This will merely provide you with what not to do:

First, when I logged on the site that tracks our Permessos' progress through the system, we found that Doug's is bogged down in pre-analysis phase because he filled out his application "incorrectly". We dug out the copy and sure enough, he skipped a couple of boxes. We know enough about the system to show up for our appointment anyway, despite this, with the correction in hand--at least we hope we know enough. 

Second, we already know we didn't pay enough at the post office when we mailed in the application because a new pay scale had been introduced and neither we nor the post office knew what to pay--so we kicked that can down the road. Sound familiar? Should be a very fun time in Cosenza on January 28. 

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