Monday, June 17, 2013

Sweet Days of Summer with Jasmine in Bloom

It finally got too hot to sunbathe on the Terrace--and the sea is enticing with its clear-day colors
Di's been singing Summertime (and the Living is Easy) along with Satchmo and Ella and now I've got her looking for Summer Breeze with all my talk about the spell and smell of the Jasmine in bloom. Normally, the idea of summer would have cast its spell in May, and we would have already been to the beach. This spring has been cooler than normal, so yesterday, 16 June, was the first day for us.

We headed to Lido Paradiso where we usually go. At 0900, we were the first ones and there were still clouds. It was warm and promised to burn-off the clouds.

Empty beach at 0900 and Clouds
The lido folks were still working on their buildings, shelters and beach features. They remembered us which is always a nice feeling.

Di likes to patrol the public beach next to the lido picking up litter. Our life guard said that he usually did that, but Di finished her tour.

The sun arrived and the rest of the day was great. The sea is still a little cool given the lack of warming sunshine, but we had a swim. No snorkeling. I’d guess the water temperature was around 21C. By July it will reach 27.

Arriving home late in the afternoon, we enjoyed the sweet scents coming from the kitchen window near the jasmine plant, and from the terrace where the gardenia is blooming. Sweet summer fragrances under the lovely summer sun. Makes you feel fine...

Those scents and our colorful street will greet the family from Prague staying in our guest flat this week for their daughter’s wedding on Saturday. 
Nice spot for a June wedding, and this will be our first Italian wedding. Stay tuned for Guido in a jacket and tie for first time in many years. 

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