Monday, September 30, 2013


We brought some visitors to see Papasidero's Grotta del Romito and noticed a town above the road that we decided to come back to visit. The name of the town is Avena and it's about 3 kilometers north of Papasidero. According to what we have learned about it (which isn't so much), the population is now at 5 inhabitants. We can believe that because as we walked around, there was only one home that showed signs of current life--plants on the balcone, etc. No one stirred, no dogs barked. There are plenty of abandoned homes in this part of Italy, but this is the first town we've experienced that was just about totally deserted. It was haunting enough to share with you--and it was a nice excuse to see some more rugged country in our neighborhood:


  1. It must be spooky for the last 5 to live there. Walking around and rememerbering who used to live where and how they left... So sad.

  2. Hi Michelle,
    Yes, it's a bit sad, life is full of endings, though...and I bet those folks have seen many.

  3. I love that blue house, but, of course, everything looks better in sunshine and summer. Thanks for sharing the photo.

  4. Prego...things are looking even better in the golden October light.

  5. Hi! Avena was abandoned after an earthquake in 1982. People moved to the new settlement that you probably noticed near the Romito archeological site and still live in good number (more that 5 :) ). May be 5 is the number of people staying in the destroyed village.When you go back there, give a look to the (abandoned too) church in the village. There is a fresco dating 1519 representing the holy Trinity and the three Archangels. CIAO!



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