Sunday, October 27, 2013

Colors of Light

It's been a great fall for il tempo ed il tramonto (weather and sunsets). Today I remembered that Michelle commented that she wants "to have my room in these colours. But sadly when you paint a room in orange it looks hideous. You can't live in a sunset." I answered that I tried it once and thought I succeeded. We had a nice sunset photo of Mt. Hood in Oregon and I decided to recreate it in our bathroom there:

Of course, there is every chance that you and Michelle will find this hideous, but I loved it at the time.  Our sunset was more pink than orange, but orange and yellow were in the tile colors.

This was our first custom bathroom. In those days we did all the work ourselves but we didn't feel comfortable building a tile shower bottom on the second floor so we called in a tile setter for creating the pan for the shower...a pan that wouldn't leak...and then laying tile over it.  It had a slight bowl shape for drainage which also made it a dubious do it yourself project. He did a great job with the glass blocks too. Nothing leaked while we lived there anyway.

We put in the window and trimmed it out and finished it, installed the sink, painted...etc.  I remember getting up for a drink of water in the middle of the night and looking at the the stars out that window. Central Oregon has stars (including  a great display of the Milky Way) like no other place I've lived.  

We didn't try to tackle the Italian sunsets in our house decor here, but we keep taking pictures of them. It's an embarrassment of riches and we are lucky to have them so we feel we need to show appreciation by keeping up the record.
Guido is thinking about one at the beach but the clouds haven't come in just right again...he missed a really good one the other day...

This one is still my Favorite

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Spedizione di Golf

I realized last week that I have not played golf for about 26 months. A game I used to love playing with friends in Oregon – it is almost forgotten because I have no one to play with - Italian or other. Golf is not popular in Calabria. I believe there are but 3 courses in the Region.

Anyway I decided to get back into the saddle and off we went on a Thursday to Grand Hotel San Michele in Cetraro – about 1 hour south. Di went along thinking she could wander the grounds of this lovely hotel while I did golf. Well, the winds were blowing 25mph with higher gusts, so we didn’t stay. 

We have stayed at the hotel and highly recommend it. You’ll see the prices are very reasonable for such a fine spot. 

Instead we drove 5 minutes to the town of Cittadella where, out of the wind, we enjoyed a quiet bar and caffé along with the market that was on in the village. Di bought jeans and I bought broccoli. What shoppers. Just 200 meters from the market is the Palazzo del Capo a 5 star hotel that we were not aware of. The grounds are nice. The website does not seem to have prices which always makes me nervous so I see no point in including the link.

The next day was sunny and calm and Di suggested I go play golf.  I did, and I paid for it.  Not just the €20 green fees, but physically. Good grief, how could those golf clubs gain so much weight? How could I hit and lose so many balls out into canyons and gardens? Also when I got back home Di explained that she meant together with lunch at the hotel. Oh, well.

First Tee
The hotel’s working farm forms the edges of the golf course. Here are nets placed under the olive trees to harvest the olives in the near future. Just a walk along the golf course would be worth it to visitors. The course is green and well-kept, and the surrounding farm too is easy on the eye.
There are vineyards ready to hide balls hit there. The hole that gets me everytime is #7 where I always over-compensate for my slice and drive the ball into the garden beds. This time I lost a brand new Nike ball in a large patch of melanzane (egg plant).

Second Tee

The lesson I learned here is that selling the farm made me really out-of-shape! No more muscle fitness promoted by hay bales to stack in summer, or snow to shovel in winter--now I need to use the practice range more and I definitely need to hire a pull cart for the bag of clubs. No more carrying. My old buddy Dave in Government Camp turned to "cart golf" years ago.  There are no electric carts here Dave, so I cheat on #3 and skip the 150 mt, very uphill walk to the tee. Sigh...Guido.


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