Sunday, October 27, 2013

Colors of Light

It's been a great fall for il tempo ed il tramonto (weather and sunsets). Today I remembered that Michelle commented that she wants "to have my room in these colours. But sadly when you paint a room in orange it looks hideous. You can't live in a sunset." I answered that I tried it once and thought I succeeded. We had a nice sunset photo of Mt. Hood in Oregon and I decided to recreate it in our bathroom there:

Of course, there is every chance that you and Michelle will find this hideous, but I loved it at the time.  Our sunset was more pink than orange, but orange and yellow were in the tile colors.

This was our first custom bathroom. In those days we did all the work ourselves but we didn't feel comfortable building a tile shower bottom on the second floor so we called in a tile setter for creating the pan for the shower...a pan that wouldn't leak...and then laying tile over it.  It had a slight bowl shape for drainage which also made it a dubious do it yourself project. He did a great job with the glass blocks too. Nothing leaked while we lived there anyway.

We put in the window and trimmed it out and finished it, installed the sink, painted...etc.  I remember getting up for a drink of water in the middle of the night and looking at the the stars out that window. Central Oregon has stars (including  a great display of the Milky Way) like no other place I've lived.  

We didn't try to tackle the Italian sunsets in our house decor here, but we keep taking pictures of them. It's an embarrassment of riches and we are lucky to have them so we feel we need to show appreciation by keeping up the record.
Guido is thinking about one at the beach but the clouds haven't come in just right again...he missed a really good one the other day...

This one is still my Favorite


  1. I never tire of gorgeous sunset photos and these are stunning.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, I am slowly finding my way back. :)

  3. So nice of you to show my your bathroom! Thank you so much! :-)
    It looks absolutely different than I expected. Glass tiles would have never come to my mind. :-D But it looks wonderful. I really like the combination of the tiles and the paint. Must have been nice to start a day like this. The sun might not even be up yet, but you're surrounded by these colours... makes you start you day with a nice mood.

    So Central Oregon doesn't have light pollution? I once saw the Milky Way from a remote corner of Poland. So stunning!

  4. Beautiful photos and rooms.

    I have an orange lounge in the house I have just rented and hate... I'm buying paint this weekend.

  5. Michelle,
    Glass blocks were quite the "in" thing at the time we redesigned our bathroom. We had some light pollution from Portland, you would see a constant glow to the west on the other side of the mountain, but the rest of the sky was starlit.

    Doug wondered if you changed countries again or just houses...for me, buying paint is always a back and forth experience that usually leaves me with a "custom" color needing special matching. Here the fun thing was the painter we hired added white to all the colors. We are glad because they are just right, but we need a special match done now all the same!



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