Monday, March 10, 2014

International Day of the Woman 2014

Every Gorgeous Sunset (and rainy day) changes us...slowly, almost imperceptibly
In 2012, I wrote a post on La Festa Della Donna after our Italian Language teacher asked us to read its history. It's actually La Giornata Internazionale Della Donna or the International Day of the Woman--commonly known as the Festa Della Donna in Italy. I did OK on the history (hope so, I had just read it).

What I found interesting re-reading that post, though, was that my entire perspective had changed in two years and that it was living here rather than in the U.S. that caused this change. I am now more conscious of the fact that the your perspective not only changes as the years go by, but that it also changes according to where you live--so slowly you don't realize it unless you have the luxury of reviewing things you wrote in the past--letters, emails, blog posts. I don't the negate the influence of the march of history. It's a combination of time and place.

In 2012 I was worried about women in Italy and today I'm worried about all the women of the world and realize that the women in Italy, even here in old Calabria will be just fine. I know more of them now and I know they will be. World events such as the horror of Syria and the courage of Malala Yousafzai have broadened my perspective on a day like the Festa Della Donna but I think it also matters that I have been watching world events on Euronews, CNN International, and local Italian news stations and talking to Europeans about it rather than only seeing it on CNN in the US or Fox "News". 

Antonella--I love this picture of her at work at the computer next to mimosa
It's also kinda funny how the day turned out. I thought I'd be spending it with only my marito who kindly remembered the traditional mimosa tribute to women and helped me recall that not all men are totally poisoned by testosterone. I ended up spending the day in a more Italian way with other women. These women were working, though. They put their heart into their restaurant-by-the-sea, La Perla del Tirreno and we loved their food and I loved spending a bit of time with them.
Guido's Astice (lobster) I had the other half with rice--molto buono
Antonella's daughter Federica--they insisted on pictures do I look skeptical?

Antonella and Federica made me feel very welcome with the warm southern Italian hospitality that we never take for granted. They invited me to come and help Federica with her English while I get better conversing in Italian. They made me think it could actually work out.

Guido's most tangible Contribution to a lovely day

Another Independent female we know

All in all, life here is always interesting but if you approach it with your eyes always open, it can also be touching in ways you don't expect.

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