Friday, May 16, 2014

Nicole in Calabria

We visited the “secret beach” of Arcomagno near San Nicola

Why Calabria?
Guido's daughter Nicole became the first from his family to visit us. She brought her boyfriend Sean and friends Amy and Rick (all from Oregon, USA). They stopped for a couple days during a tour of Italy. They, like all first-time visitors, crammed a lot into a 2-week tour. Venezia, Cinque Terre, Firenze, us, then a single day in Roma. Adding Calabria was easy for them. Dad lives in Calabria so Nicole "had" to add it to the itinerary. Others wanting to visit Italy have to be independent types or fans of "old Italy", or people who tire of crowds of other tourists, or nature lovers, or maybe just people with a bit of imagination to come see Calabria. It's OK with us, but the locals would appreciate a bit more of the tourist dollar, yen, mark, et. al. They are smart enough to know, however, that it can ruin what you have...or at least they have had enough time watching to realize it can ruin your current way of life.

Rick, Amy, Sean, Di, and Nicole 

This was the first time anyone wearing a kilt has visited us! As one can imagine life in a small town, all eyes were on these folks when we walked through the village. This was also the first time that four people shared our 1 bedroom guest flat with the sofa bed.

We went from black sand to golden sand and they enjoyed it all. We enjoyed watching our adopted culture through new eyes. We are used to TV in the restaurants running at full volume, and bread eaten dry (free of butter or oil), for example. 

Mean clouds were after the Sun and Moon during their stay, but we squeaked by  the weather gods

We were amazed and impressed that these 4 people (and 2 other Americans up north) managed to live together in small apartments sharing bathrooms, etc. and were still getting along after 10 days!

We showed them some local sights and various restaurants, including a great meal at the hands of our friends Clive and Kathryn at Casa Cielo B&B in the historic part of Scalea.

Naturally, the day after everybody left, the weather decided to get back to the business of late spring. I guess the weather gods are interested in Calabria staying a secret too. 

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