Monday, September 15, 2014

Time Flies, Change Happens

Trumpet Glory 2014
Dreams and Reality
My neighbor and I came home from our morning walk and she said I should take a picture of this trumpet plant. That's how this post started. I was going to tell you about my dream to own a trumpet plant ever since I saw one in a Park's Seed catalogue. I knew better than to order one for Oregon. Park's is located in South Carolina--but I saw them growing all over the place here. So I bought one and took a cutting to grow another and now I have two!

How they looked when I set them out to grow

Being me, I couldn't leave it there. I also wanted to write about how dreams change when they become reality and how time changes everything. Yes, these things grew--they look glorious for about a week at a time (fortunately they do bloom more than once a year) but they also do nothing but cry for water, water all summer long. I'm learning how to manage them and my expectations. Just a few weeks later my neighbor suffered a stroke (she is fine now--thank goodness) and I don't know when we may walk together again but for now we talk and drink coffee. 

We need to appreciate beauty when it's there, not to expect perfection, and to accommodate change for good or ill, don't we?

Tastes Change, New Priorities

Guido learned to take a better picture and to warn me before snapping, I learned to love Italian black and white

Me dressed in remnants of Oregon not-so-chic 
Let's face it, working for the Forest Service does nothing for a woman's sense of style, even if, like me, you're a graduate of the design arts. Long story short, tastes change, hopefully for the better and life takes on new priorities. I'm taking more time with dressing these days and even now have more than one pair of everyday shoes. 

It's a surprise that it didn't go the other way with me saying "who cares how I dress?", but life is always surprising. We are still learning to get the best out of each day. This is hard when illness strikes or when the water heater keeps giving us trouble but it is now a priority to at least try.

Some changes actually went against my nature. Practicality over beauty? Or can one really have both? I'm still willing to do more work than most to have my plants on the terrace, BUT I'm thinning out the ones who really don't like being there (don't want to cooperate with gale force winter winds and summer sun).

I still love this table, just didn't work on the terrace, Umbrellas are History

We also dispensed with the beach umbrellas on the terrace and found a giant rectangular one that is actually meant for the job. The wood table went inside downstairs after we valiantly tried to protect it from the weather on the terrace and failed miserably. 

So, Father Time, march on, we are not ready for you but things will work out!


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