Friday, October 10, 2014

Beauty and the Vendemmia

I was looking forward to starting the Stagione di Vino (wine season) with a report on a typical local vendemmia d’uva (grape harvest) and then the pressing and making of wine. I was a little late asking around, but I found that no one had a good grape crop this year and some had no oil olives at all.  I read in a paper recently that all of Europe is expecting a poor wine year. Too much rain.

Table olives and table grapes are still available in the markets, but they come from Puglia, Sicilia, ecc. We also had great plums (prugne) this year from Puglia, so who knows what affected the other fruits. 

One of the final evening events of August in our village piazza was a fashion show (sfilata) starring local teenage ragazze. Many folks gathered to watch-- close to the judges and a local bar had seating for people eating gelato or drinking cool things. I was squeezed-out of my spot behind the chairs, so made my way to a roof terrace over the bar.

Rita was the hostess and one of the key organizers. There was also a panel of judges with experience in the industry. Each girl had to choose the dress of a certain country/culture and create the outfit (probably with a lot of help from mamma or nonna and the local clothes shops!)

I didn’t have a way to record the country each young woman was representing, so am missing some info here. The Japanese outfit is obvious. Some of these ragazze went all out in their outfits and also the presentations -- some had obviously been practicing the moves of models on the red carpet! The crowd loved them all. They were bellissime.

Good memories of the recent summer as we slip into a very nice autumn. Enjoy:

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