Sunday, November 30, 2014

Festa Degli Alberi-Arbor Day Italia

Could you resist an invitation from these kids? You may remember that we watched the tree planting last February and got the invitation to celebrate the official National Festa degli Alberi (Arbor Day) on November 21. After the kids listened to the adults speak about the importance of the day for the environment, they got to help plant some more trees and shrubs and check on the trees they planted in February.

As a bonus for good deeds, it was the most beautiful day you could ask for and the sunshine added a lot to the proceedings. 

It's a challenge to live up to the hopes and expectations of youth. There were what we had to guess were hazard trees marked for cutting (big red X) along the section of highway where this celebration was located. They are the type of tree used for pulp in these parts so we don't know what their ultimate fate will be or whether they are on private land in the park. There's a lot to learn about the organization of the national forests here. 

The folks who invented Arbor Day in Nebraska (way back before Earth Day)  hoped that the idea would spread. It's something to be proud of, Nebraska! The day ended --as many have this month-- with a beautiful sunset that made us hope that maybe someday everyday will be Earth Day or Arbor Day on the planet.


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