Saturday, May 23, 2015

May Day!

We had a lovely May Day walk to a nice restaurant near Diamante, Il Vecchio Frantoio
When you live in Italy (or Europe for that matter) May Day means Labor Day. In America, this is not so. May Day (May 1st) in the past was a celebration of the coming of spring.  In Europe the maypole and may baskets gave way to parades for workers everywhere, and in America, it just faded away.  That's too bad because I remember the quaint custom of leaving a surprise basket of flowers on your neighbors' doorstep. I remember creating baskets as a child, wilted dandelions and lilacs I think. The neighbors (I'm sure) appreciated at least the thought.

In Italy, the old day is known mostly in the north I gather and is called Calendimaggio. 

One of my favorite things about May Day is that some of our best plants show off and raise our hopes for a great summer.

Here is the path through a park by the river running through Diamante. It's about a mile to the restaurant.

We celebrated with a nice walk to a restaurant called the "Old Oil Mill" 
(Il Vecchio Frantoio).

There's a big old mill here in Santa Domenica Talao. It is still a ruin. Everyone brings their olives to a new mill nearby. It would make a great restaurant too if the town could figure out how to attract more tourists to it, etc.

Our good friends. Some walked with us, others drove...

What's left of the mill works

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  1. Flower baskets! How nice! I've never heard of such a custom.
    Spring should start in March though. May is too late. By then we're just so much over winter! :-D



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