Friday, June 19, 2015

Home from Cosenza Again

We applied for a permanent permit to stay in Italy last winter. It was denied because we applied 6 weeks before we had actually been here 5 years. I was able to talk to higher-level immigration people this time in Cosenza and they are issuing us a regular permesso di soggiorno around 1 July, but we can almost immediately re-apply for the Carta di Soggiorno. Yeah, we’ll have to have our criminal background check re-done, but that is only about €75 each. It has taken 6 months.

We have learned the hard way to never try to update any official document, permit, or license until it has expired. They will turn you away. The road tax for the car was due on a Friday and they would not take my money Thursday.

I tried to renew our health cards, the Tessera Sanitaria, while in Cosenza, our provincial capital and center for our health organization. They would not do it because we are not residents there. 

I was not as comfortable in Cosenza this time. Maybe it was the dog that kept me civil last time?  The city itself is noisy, stressful, and smelly with car exhaust. It’s only a half step behind Napoli, secondo me, for chaos.

It still amazes me that properties are so expensive in this unattractive city of 70.000 inhabitants. The high-rise apartments on the hill above the hotel are in the €2-500,000 range because they have a view of the Sila mountains to the east. The west coast, where we live, draws thousands of tourists and holiday home people each July and August but the properties are much, much less as a rule.

So, we’re happy to be home in our little village. Di has included her annual beautiful flower pics on the terrace and around the house, can you tell why we like it here better? We were rural Americans and love living in rural Italy! Places like Milan, Paris, London, New York will never be on our list of must-see places. Ok, maybe Paris because they have such a nice language and lovely art!

Guido, the country bumpkin


  1. Nice to see an update. I agree with your comments about Cosenza. The last time that I was in Calabria (three years ago) I didn't even go to Cosenza. I stayed in a small village called Pedivigliano and travelled south to the coast (Lamezia) instead. It was much nicer. Previously the only reason why I went to Cosenza was to visit Centro Commerciale Metropolis, but now I prefer Due Mari instead as freeway driving is a heck of a lot easier and it's pretty well all highway driving from Pedivigliano. The nice thing about this area is that you can be in a nice relaxed little village but know that it's not too far from the chaos of a big city. Hopefully one day I will be able to make the move myself for a few years like you have.

  2. Calling by for a catch up, good to see you are still enjoying the dolce vita.

  3. Nice surprise to see your comment, Lindy, and good to know you are still interested!

  4. Jakestock, sounds like you knew Cosenza better than we want to!

  5. I also prefer to have some nature around, so I can totally understand you! The big cities are only nice for visits, but not for living.
    I love your flowers! They give such a good feeling, I can see you like caring for them and enjoy seeing them. :-)

  6. Sorry for barging onto your blog. I live in NW Washington state and just achieved Italian citizenship via ancestry and a year's worth of paperwork. I was looking online at properties in Calabria and happened upon Scalea. Then I happened upon your blog. Our ancestors immigrated from San Giovanni in Fiore. We are considering the purchase of something small , hopefully in an older structure. Would love your guidance. (Theresaanddoug@gmail). Thanks!



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