Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hot Town, Summer in Calabria

Early Monday morning I was on the terrace and noticed that the swifts have left. It is to-the-day that they disappeared last year. They come in the spring, they breed and raise their youngsters to fly, then they get out of here when it gets hot. Amazing.

It’s been around 45% relative humidity here for a month.
I am too old to get hot and sweaty just for wildlife photos, so I’ll take what I can at home. Well then I stepped into the computer room and spotted this owl about 5 meters away outside.  They are not seen in the light often and the camera was there. We learned from a book of birds of Europe that they are called “little owls”. How imaginative!  Italian for owl is “gufo”. Genus and species: athene noctua. They are just about 6-8 inches tall (15-20cm) and they call to each other all night. Very cute. This one saw an old man pointing a Canon at him and flew away after just one click of the shutter. 

Di caught this lizard on the terrace.  

We learned that the lucertole (lizards) like grapes as well as insects, so I occasionally put some grapes in the plant outside the kitchen window. They are very spooky around people, so it’s tough to get snapshots of them just ½ meter away. 

I waited for days to get a photo of one eating grapes. Finally this juvenile showed and allowed a few images. You can see it licking his chops on the second one! 

I think this is the famous Italian honey bee known to be docile with beekeepers. 

An American friend spoke of our old home which reminded me of what we used to do a lot of there on the Deschutes River to cool off in the summer!  The things you give up when you move to a new neighborhood.

Auguri, Guido


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