Sunday, December 13, 2015

Rembrandt Lighting

So, we were coming home from Scalea as the sun was setting and Diana tells me we must “go collect the Rembrandt Light"--I am thinking about Jimmy Rembrandt that I played racquetball with in college.  No, it is about the lighting that the Dutch artist Rembrandt used in his paintings.  I tried to joke about smoking a Dutchmasters cigar when I was young, but that didn’t work.

Of course, when I took my good camera out to “collect the light" the clouds came in and screwed it up for that day and we had to wait for another sunny day. See if you like it too. Di helped me read up about how most landscape photographers wait for this light in the early morning or afternoon to light up the landscape the way Rembrandt lit up people's faces using golden light and shadow. 

Our village is beautiful any day, but I think Di’s lighting is bello.

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